By Car to Cafayate

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Cafayate is a town with some nine thousand souls, 180 km south of Salta. The first 100 km, the road runs through cultivated lands for the main part, after which it enters the canyon Río de las Conchas also known as Quebrada de Cafayate. The mountains rises high on both sides of the river, dried and multi-coloured as always. What is special with Quebrada de Cafayate is that in some places the mountains have assumed unusual forms, of which the most spectacular have their own names. These formations are certainly worth the trip - not the least since you don't have to pay any entrance fees.

Cafayate itself is a quite nice place. Those who have an interest for beverages containing ethanol are attracted by all the wine-yards in the area, where they can try the local brands.

The road to Cafayate is paved for the entire distance, and I rented a car for the trip. I stayed in Cafayate for the night, and the next day I continued further south for some other 40-50 km, to the Indian ruins of Quilmes. From Quilmes I turned back, and, with some detours, I went the same way back to Salta.

1. Río de las Conchas

2. View to the Hills

3. Cliff in Dark-Red

4. Tranquil Waters of Conchas

5. Goats

6. Bush Landscape

7. Curve

8. Bush with Green Stem

9. Mountains Rising

10. La Garganta del Diablo

11. La Garganta del Diablo II

12. Further into Garganta

13. View out from Garganta

14. The Amphitheatre

15. Another River View

16. The Toad

17. Upper Edge of a Ravine

18. Coloured Mountains

19. Striped Mountains

20. El Obelisco

21. Los Castillos

22. Ground Cactus I

23. Ground Cactus II

24. Plaza San Martín in Cafayate

25. Ruinas de Quilmes

26. Vessel in the Quilmes Museum

27. Detail from the Quilmes Ruins

28. View from Quilmes

29. View over the Ruins

30. Cactus Flower

31. Funny Tree

32. Corralito

33. Gravel Road

34. Gravel Road with Mountains

35. Wide River and Mountains

36. Another Mountain View

37. Mountain Wall

38. Red Mountains, Green Bushes

39. Dique Cabra Corral

40. Dique Cabra Corral II