Argentina 2004

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First time I was in Argentina was in January 1997 (without a camera). This big country fascinated me, and I thought that one day I should return, and in autumn 2004 it happened. On my first trip I flew directly to Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego, and then rode by bus, stretch by strech, northwards. In Tucumán I had to turn south, since my time was running out. This time I returned to visit the places I did not get to see last time: In the north-east the enormous wetlands of Estoros del Iberá and the big water falls of Iguazú on the border to Brazil and in the north-west all the scenery in the Salta area with Tren a las nubes, the train to the clouds, as the foremost attraction.

I took many photos, far too many to gather all on one web page. So this page here is a summary with the best pictures from the trip. Then there are a number of pages that dwells on particular places and excursions:

Some of the photos on this pages returns on the other pages, so you get them in context, while others only appear here in this summary.

1. Esteros del Iberá

2. Iberá – Yacaré

3. Iberá – Carpincho

4. Iberá – Edge of Wetlands

5. Iberá – Vizcacha

6. Iberá – Muddy Road

7. San Ignacio de Miní

8. San Igancio by night

9. Welcome to Iguazú

10. Iguazú – Brazillian overiew

11. Iguazú – La Garganta del Diablo

12. Iguazú – Butterfly

13. Iguazú – Fat Lizard

14. Iguazú – They Will Get Wet...

15. Iguazú – Garganta From Above

16. Iguazú – Minor Fall

17. Iguazú – Beautiful Flower

18. Iguazú – Salto Arrechea

19. Las Malvinas

20. On the Road

21. Resistencia

22. Salta – Via Caseros at Sunset

23. On the Road to Cachi I

24. On the Road to Cachi II

25. On the Road to Cachi III

26. Calilegua – The Liane and the Tree

27. Calilegua  – Outlook

28.  Calilegua – White-Throated Antpitta

29. Calilegua – The Forest

30. Tren a las nubes – Zig-Zag

31. Tren nubes – Hamlet

32. Tren nubes – Cementery

33. Tren a las nubes IV

34. Tren nubes – Lamas

35. Tren a las nubes VI

36. Tren nubes  – Viaducto la Polvorila

37. View over Salta

38. Quebrada de Cafayate I

39. Quebrada de Cafayate II

40. Quebrada de Cafayate III

41. Wreck

42. Quilmes – Cactus Flower

43. Quebrada de Toro

44. Snow-capped Mountains

45. Andean Lake

46. Tilcara

47. Irrigation Tilcara

48. Street, Humahuaca

49. Iruya

50. Shantytown Jujuy

51. Tango!

52. Avenida de 9 julio

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