This series of pictures has a different tone from the rest, not at all joyful but a sorrowful one. This is inevitable. In the year of 1945, until August 6th, 08:15 Hiroshima had been entirely saved from the bomb carpets that had fallen on so many other Japanese cities. It turned out that there was a special reason for this. USA had been contemplating to use the newly developed atomic bomb to get an end to the war against Japan. And to be able really study the effects of this newly developed weapon, they excepted the cities that were candidates for atomic bombs from conventional bombing. That list did for quite some time include Kyoto. By the beginning of August, Kyoto had been deleted, but the very idea of this cultural onslaught being considered is frightening. Well, the effects in Hiroshima are frightening enough. Most buildings in a 3 km range were destroyed and about 80 000 persons perished immediately. Another 60 000 died within a year, and many years after people would fell ill in diseases related to the radiation.

I've arranged the pictures, so that first are the pictures from the Peace Park, built on an island in central Hiroshima. The park is full of monuments that in various ways commemorate the bombing, and in many cases I've included both the monument and the explaining signpost that goes with it. Next there are pictures from the Peace Memorial Museum. The entrance fee for this museum is 50 yen (less than a euro!), and it takes a long time to see it all. The last few pictures are from Hiroshima of today.

It was very fitting that this was the rainiest day of the entire trip.

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1. Atomic Bomb Dome

2. The T-Shaped Bridge

3. The Peace Bell I

4. The Peace Bell II

5. Children's Peace Monument I

6. Children's Peace Monument II

7. Children's Peace Monument III

8. Children's Peace Monument IV

9. The Peace Cairn I

10. The Peace Cairn II

11. Nakajima Commercial Promotion Center

12. Memorial Mound I

13. Memorial Mound II

14. Memorial Mound III

15. The Koreans' Monument

16. Map

17. Map II

18. Merciful Goddess Kannon of Peace

19. A-Bombed Gravestone

20. Nakajima September 1945

21. Peace Park and Museum

22. Statue of a Prayer for Peace

23. Flame of Peace

24. Cenotaph I

25. Cenotaph II

26. Monument of Prayer

27. Memorial Hall I

28. Memorial Hall II

29. Memorial Hall III

30. Memorial Hall IV

31. Memorial Hall V

32. Memorial Hall VI

33. All Victims

34. All Victims II

35. Memorial Tower I

36. Memorial Tower II

37. Watch

38. Devastation

39. Before the Bomb

40. Lunch Box

41. Nails

42. Assorted Objects I

43. Assorted Objects II

44. A-bomb Dome by Night

45. Tram Bridge

46. Contemporary Art

47. Foggy View

48. Street Scene

49. Aioi-dori

50. Illuminated Building

51. Lights on the River

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