Tilcara, Humahuaca and Iruya

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North of Salta is the other province capital of the area, San Salvador de Jujuy. And north of Jujuy runs Quebrada de Humahuaca. In this canyon, as in many other places in the Andes, you are met by multicoloured mountains. Here, where the border to Bolivia is not far away, the population is overwhelmingly Quechua Indians. In Quebrada de Humahuaca there are also some small towns that are popular tourist stops.

I set the base for my expedition in Tilcara, which has a population of 3000 persons, and stayed there for two nights. One day, I went to Humahuaca further to north, and which is twice the size of Tilcara, and from Humahuaca I continued to the isolated Iruya. The road to Iruya first climbs to 4000 m above sea level, and the goes down into the valley on zig-zag roads. And there, almost improbably located, is Iruya, not at all a very small place.

1. El Pucará

2. Quebrada de Humahuaca

3. Río Grande

4. View over El Pucará

5. Green Oasis

6. View over Tilcara

7. Tilcara II

8. Street Scene Tilcara

9. Tilcara Church

10. Cabildo, Humahuaca

11. Monumento a la Independencia

12. View over Humauaca

13. Street, Humahuaca

14. Still Life with Loudspeaker

15. Iturbe

16. Transportes Mendoza

17. The Other Bus

18. The Highest Point

19. View from Highest Point

20. Going Down

21. Scene from the Bus

22. Dry River

23. Confluence

24. Iruya

25. The Church

26. Street with Bus

27. Street Scene with Mountain Wall

28. The Market

29. View Downstream

30. Imposing Mountain Wall

31. Grafitti

32. View Across the River

33. View over Iruya II

34. Cat

35. Imposing II

36. The Mystic Zig-Zag

37. Bus Going Uphill

38. House with Solar Panels

39. Indian Standup Comedian

40. Irrigation

41. Dog for a Day

42. Dog in the Bushes