Trip to Taiwan 2003

Svensk version.

My holiday trip for 2003 went to Taiwan. Towards the end of the trip I bought a camera, and the pictures I took are on display below. You can click on a picture for a bigger size, and the move back and forth between the pictures. Please keep in mind that I had not owned a camera since I was a kid, so I have something to learn about taking photos! And the manual I got was in Japanese, so I had to try my way. For instance, it took some until I found out how to turn off the flash.

If you want to know details of where I went, there is a short travelogue.

1. Hotel Room in Taichung

2. Minchu Park

3. Street Scene Taichung

4. Night Market I

5. Night Market II

6. Verboten! Verboten!

7. Shantao Temple I

8. Shantao Temple II

9. Shantao Temple III

10. Bamboo

11. Taipei Traffic

12. Altar in Taoist Temple

13. Neon Lights Taipei

14. Public Bath, Peitou

15. Hot Spring, Peitou I

16. Hot Spring, Peitou II

17. Church in Peitou

18. Ceiling Detail Kuanto Temple

19. Roof Detail Kuanto Temple

20. Gods in Kuanto Temple

21. Kuanto Gods in Details

22. Dog on Elephant Mountain

23. Power-Line Pole

24. View with Taipei 101

25. Taipei 101 Close-Up I

26. Taipei 101 Close-Up II

27. Taipei alley

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