7. Shantao Temple I

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The Shantao Temple is a Buddhist temple in the centre of Taipei. There is a big pagoda on the side, but this main hall is an modern marble-fašade building.

I happened to arrive at the temple, just as all those monks and nuns you see on this picture and next were walking up the steps to the main hall for some ritual. They stood their silently, but sometimes a bell would be chimed and they would chant a few notes. The funny thing is that it was apparent that this was some special event, yet there were only a handful of people to witness it. (Later I learnt it was an initiation rite for new monk and nun apprentices.)

Of course the picture would have been better if I had stood in the inner doorway, but it was apparent that it was a private event, so I wanted to keep a respectful distance. I was not surprised when we later were kindly asked to walk away.