1. Bienvenido a Barcelona

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I arrived in Barcelona in the evening and arrived at my hotel around nine o'clock. Being hungry I grabbed the first restaurant I could find. Then I headed for La Rambla, the long street that makes up the very heart of Barcelona. People walk up and down the street to watch the each other, sit at the cafĂ©, have their caricature drawn or whatever. You can also count on seeing a show of some sort – call them performance artists, jesters or whatever you like. Yes, you can see people like that in other cities too. But it is on La Rambla in Barcelona you can see the really good ones that manage to come up with some new ideas. A common thing is have your whole body painted and play a statue. I shot a photo of this guy, and then tried to toss a coin in his box. I missed twice, and when I finally made it, I looked up on him, and he gave a smile.