Spain 2011

In the end of August 2011 I got myself on a plane to Barcelona for a small tour in that corner of Spain. First southwards along the coast down to València from where I took off for the interior to Cuenca and the south of Aragon and to spend the last days in Barcelona. It was hot about all of the time; very humid on the coast, and very dry in the highlands.

As always the result was too many pictures. Below a summary of the trip with some of the best pictures. Then there are a number of subsites from the various places:

Svensk version


1. Bienvenido a Barcelona

2. Old Town, Tarragona

3. Human Tower

4. Carrer Major, Montblanc

5. Poblet

6. Ebro

7. Road and Canal

8. Fine Bird

9. Sand and Water

10. València

11. The Holy Grail

12. Mercat Central

13. Street Scene, València

14. The Virgin

15. Cuenca

16. One with the Rock

17. Alley Cuenca

18. La Ciudad Encantada

19. Kiss me!

20. Laguna de Uña

21. Mountain Wall

22. The Precipice

23. Lake View

24. Plaza del Torico, Teruel

25. Torre San Martín

26. San Pedro

27. Viaduct

28. Cantavieja

29. View over Cantavieja

30. Casas de San Juan

31. Cow

32. Poble Espanyol

33. Sagrada Familia

34. Font Màgica

35. Barri Gòtic

36. Parc Güell

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