Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and the second biggest city in Spain, is a city full of sights and experiences. My trip started and ended in Barcelona. The first visit was short, about 15 hours. I arrived in the evening, and took a train to Tarragona the next morning. When I came back I got a day and a half in Barcelona, which is far from enough to see all there is to see. So I pin-pointed a few things, but I also permitted me to be led by impulse in random directions. I should that this was not my first visit in Barcelona; I paid three visits to the town in the 1990s.

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1. House in Gràcia

2. House in Gràcia, Detail

3. Botanical Garden

4. Poble Espanyol I

5. Poble Espanyol II

6. Poble Espanyol III

7. Poble Espanyol IV

8. Poble Espanyol V

9. Poble Espanyol VI

10. Poble Espanyol VII

11. Poble Espanyol VIII

12. Font Màgica I

13. Font Màgica II

14. Font Màgica III

15. Font Màgica IV

16. Other Fountains

17. Plaça Espanya

18. A Statue and a House

19. Palau de la Música Catalana

20. Up the Wall

21. Funny Statue

22. Pedestrian Bridge

23. The Columbus Statue

24. Passeig Colom

25. La Rambla from Above

26. Rambla People

27. House along La Rambla

28. Palau Güell

29. Narrow Street

30. Pink Building

31. Green Cyclist I

32. Green Cyclist II

33. La Boqueria

34. Sagrada Familia I

35. Sagrada Familia II

36. Sagrada Familia III

37. What Is He Doing?

38. Vallcarca

39. A House in Red

40. Okupa y resiste

41. Torre Agbar

42. Montjuïc

43. Parc Güell

44. Gingerbread Houses

45. The Terrace

46. Mosaic

47. Railing

48. Arcade

49. Benches

50. The Terrace Again

51. The Gaudí Museum

52. Cactus Pots

53. House Beyond Palm Trees

54. Rambla de Mercedes

55. House at Plaça Lesseps

56. Casa Battló

57. Casa Amatller

58. Street in Barri Gòtic

59. Art is Garbage

60. La Rambla by Night

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