Tarragona and Around

Tarragona is a provincial capital in southern Catalonia, some 100 km down the coast from Barcelona. The history of the town goes back to Roman times, and there are plentiful of Roman remains as well an old town. I was a bit out of luck: I arrived around noon on Sunday when most of the sights close at three o'clock, something I did not discover until later. And on Mondays they are not open at all. This was not the end of the world: the city has a nice atmopshere, and it's anything but dull in Tarragona. I took the occasion to go outside the town for excursion to the small town of Montblanc and the monastery of Poblet.

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1. Balcó del Mediterrani

2. The Amphitheatre

3. Violet Flowers

4. Rambla Nova

5. Monument als castells

6. Old Town I

7. Old Town II

8. Old Town III

9. This is not Spain

10. A Statue with a View

11. From the Beach

12. The Aqueduct

13. Más de los Arcos

14. Back on Rambla Nova

15. Pigeon

16. Plaça de la Font

17. Ajuntament

18. Plaça Major, Montblanc

19. Santa María la Major

20. Alley, Montblanc

21. Street, Montblanc

22. Riu Francolí

23. Almond trees?

24. Poblet

25. Entrance to Poblet

26. Rest in Peace?

27. Altarpiece Poblet

28. Tarragona by Night

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