Sibiu and Around

Sibiu in Romanian, Hermannstadt in German and Nagyszeben in Hungarian is another old Saxon city in Transylvania. It not as big as Braşov, the population reaches 137 000, but and there is an international airport. (I flew back home from Sibiu.) Like Braşov, the character is distinctively Central European. The atmosphere is also similar, but Sibiu did not impress me equally much as Braşov. Maybe because I had acquired a cold when I got here, maybe because it was my third Saxon city after Braşov and Sighişoara. Or maybe because renovation has not comes as far in Sibiu as it has in the other two cities.

I arrived two days before my return flight, but I did not spend all time in the city. Instead I took the occasion to go outside to see some smaller towns and also take a walk on the lower slopes of the mountains south of Sibiu.

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Sibiu Old Town

1. Grosser Ring

2. The Fountain

3. Kleiner Ring

4. Down the Canyon

5. A Small Gateway

6. Cathedral

7. House on Strada Bălcescu

8. Restaurant Timis

9. Old and Torn

10. Market

11. ASTRA Museum

12. Hotel Împăratul Romanilor I

13. Hotel Împăratul Romanilor II

14. Hotel Împăratul Romanilor III

15. The Church

16. The Walls

17. Inside the Church

18. From the Church Tower

19. Michelsberg

20. The Church on the Hill

21. The Altar

22. View through the Wall
Cindrel Mountains

23. Piatra Broaştei

24. Picnic

25. Forest Scene

26. The Ascent

27. Curmăturii Măgurii

28. The House on the Slope

29. Enclosure

30. Sheep, Lots of Them

31. View over Mountains

32. The Garbage Dump

33. The Village Street

34. Painted Church

35. Village Street
Back in Sibiu

36. Volkswagen

37. Old Town Street

38. Biserica Ursulinelor

39. Town Wall

40. Town Wall Detail

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