Romania 2012

For my vacation in 2012 I decided to go to Romania, a country I also visited in 1993 (and also quickly travelled through in 1995). In 1993 I found Romania to be quite strange – for instance, just because a place called itself a restaurant, did not necessarily mean that it served food. That was only a few years after the fall of Communism. Now, almost 20 years later, Romania is no longer that odd. There are still certainly some rough edges and pockets of backwardness, but I also found areas where Romania was on the frontline. Whatever, Romania has something that no other country in Europe can offer: the Danube delta. This is something I've longed to visit for a long time, and it was undoubtedly the most exciting part of the trip.

As always, there are too many pictures. Below is a summary with the best pictures. There are eight sub-sections:

  1. Bucharest (52 pictures).
  2. The Danube delta (108 pictures, with a lot of water on them).
  3. Braşov, a Central European gem (40 pictures).
  4. The Bucegi Range (64 mountain pictures).
  5. Sinaia (32 pictures).
  6. On the Road (28 pictures).
  7. Sighişoara, a world heritage (36 pictures).
  8. Sibiu and around (40 pictures).

Svensk version


1. Contrasts

2. Piaţa Revoluţiei

3. The Palace of Parliament

4. Inside the Palace

5. Bulevardul Unirii

6. Lipscani
The Danube delta

7. Tulcea

8. Scenes from a delta I

9. Scenes from a delta II

10. Scenes from a delta III

11. Scenes from a delta IV

12. Letea
On the Road I

13. Funny House

14. Piaţa Sfatului

15. View over Old Town

16. Putzergasse

17. Café Krone
On the Road II

18. Bran Castle
The Bucegi Mountains

19. View over Sinaia

20. Barren Mountains

21. Cable Car I

22. Cable Car II

23. Time for a Rest

24. Old House

25. Peleş Castle

26. Hermann Oberth Platz

27. Schäßburg Street

28. The Church on the Hill

29. The Market

30. Dracula's Birth Place
On the Road III

31. A View from the Train

32. Horse Carriage

33. Grosser Ring

34. Sibiu Street

35. Sibiu Courtyard

36. Transylvanian view

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