Sighişoara / Segesvár / Schäßburg / Castrum Sex

Sighişoara is small town in Transylvania which just like Braşov and Sibiu originally was a Saxon settlement. The German name for Transylvania is Siebenbürgen, "seven forts", and the Latin name indicates that this was the sixth of them. The historic centre of Sighişoara has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2001. The main draw is the fortified old town climbing the hill that is in the centre of town, and on the top of the hill is a fortified church.

In 1993, Sighişoara was my first stop in Romania, and at that time it was a very quiet place. I decided to come back in 2012, to see if things had changed. And, boy, they had!

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1. The Market

2. Râul Târnava Mare

3. Elegant House

4. Piaţa Hermann Oberth

5. Up the Hill

6. The Clock Tower

7. Clock Tower Detail

8. Piaţa Muzeului

9. Dracula's Birthplace

10. Strada Şcolii

11. Bergskirsche

12. Graveyard

13. View from the Hill

14. The Covered Stair

15. Two Different Names

16. Old Town Yard

17. Old Town Street

18. The Hill from Below

19. Outskirts

20. Synagogue

21. A Delicious House

22. Stradela Cetăţii

23. View to the Church

24. Strada Şcolii II

25. #48

26. Orthodox Cathedral

27. Clock Tower Gate

28. Clock Tower and Café

29. Tornul Cizmarilior

30. Decay

31. Authentic

32. Grazing Dog

33. Figurines

34. View from Clock Tower

35. Top of the Hill

36. Clockwork

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