Sinaia was once an upper-class resort, but today it is a mass destination, and the main street is packed with hotels. There are some elegant villas if you take to the streets up the hill, but it's not the atmosphere that draws you to Sinaia. No, people come here for two things. One is the Bucegi mountains that are popular both in summer and in winter, and which I cover on a separate page. The other is the extravagant Peleş castle, which dominates this suite of picture. If you thought the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest was overkill, just wait...

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1. Old and New

2. The Casino

3. Vila Mon Vieux

4. Hotel Caraiman

5. Squirrel

6. Peleş Castle

7. The Courtyard

8. Courtyard Details

9. Exterior Detail

10. The Terrace

11. Inside Peleş

12. Glass Ceiling

13. Balconies

14. The Arms Hall

15. Working Desk

16. Book Case

17. Coloured Glass

18. Music Room

19. Chandelier

20. By the Fireside

21. Ceiling Painting

22. Hallway

23. A Great Hall

24. Modern Devices

25. Mirror

26. Movie Theatre

27. Pelişor Castle

28. By the Peleş Stream

29. Biserica Mare

30. Portal

31. Biserica Veche

32. Icon Paintings

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