The Bucegi Mountains

The Bucegi Mountains is a stretch of the Carpathian range, more or less directly south of Braşov. I stayed in Sinaia, which is on the Wallachian side in the valley of the Prahova river. The pictures on this page are all from my walks in the mountains. Pictures from Sinaia itself are on a separate page. To set the scene: I took a cable car from Sinaia up to 1998 metres above sea level, far above the tree line, and there are quite a few pictures from the bare mountain.

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Furnica to Babele

1. Furnica

2. Valley View

3. Written in Stone

4. Sheep on a Slope

5. Grasshopper

6. Dense Shrubs

7. Sports Field

8. The Cross on the Mountain

9. Cabana Piatra Arsă

10. Sheep-Farming

11. Rock Formations

12. Rock Formations II

13. The Sphinx

14. Sun-Basking

15. Mountain Flowers
Down Valea Jepilor

16. Above the Gorge

17. Cable Car Tower

18. Cable Car

19. The Path

20. Mountain Side

21. Weird Flower

22. In Memory Of

23. Steep Path

24. A View of the Gorge

25. More Funny Flowers

26. Trees Climbing the Mountain

27. More Climbing Trees

28. Deer

29. Looking Back

30. Trees

31. More Deer

32. Leafy Trees

33. Forest Path

34. What is this???

35. An Opening

36. Ramshackle Houses
Up Valea Jepilor

37. Mountain Cross

38. Cable Car Queue

39. Cable Car Route

40. Waterfall from Above

41. Those Climbing Trees

42. The Path
Iaolomiţa Valley

43. Downhill Again

44. Rocky Terrain

45. View over Iaolomiţa

46. Cow

47. Farmyard with Pool

48. Follow the Slope

49. Horse Carriage

50. Down in the Valley

51. Chapel

52. Woman and Cow

53. Road with Stream

54. Turning Back
Back to Sinaia

55. The Rest of a Trunk

56. Timber Limit

57. Road Crossing

58. Sheep

59. Well-Marked Path

60. Dry Stream Bed

61. Butterfly

62. Ski-Lift

63. Sinaia

64. On the Way Home

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