Braşov / Kronstadt / Brassó

Braşov is only some 150 km from Bucharest, but it is on the northern side of the Carpathian peaks, and it has a very different history. For most of the second millennium, Transylvania was controlled by the Hungarians and Habsburg and only fell into Romanian hands in 1920. Like many cities in southern Transylvania, Braşov was founded by Saxons. The Hungarians encouraged the Saxons to settle here to help with the defence against Turks and Tatars. For a long time the city was overly German, but in the 1970s Ceauşescu struck a deal with Germany permitting many of the Germans to relocate to Germany, and this appears to have accelerated after fall of Communism. Today, you mainly here Romanian in the streets.

The city is magnifique. Or more exactly: the old parts are. The moderns parts built during communism are the usual dull bunkers of concrete. I didn't take the occasion to take photo from the Central Station, but it's astonishingly drab. Instead what you will see are some exquisite samples of Central European architecture. (And in case you wonder what counts as "Central Europe", I say it's simple: Braşov in Central Europe. Bucharest is not.)

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1. Prefecture

2. Putzergasse

3. Age with Beauty

4. Revolution Memorial

5. Bulevardul 13 Noiembrie

6. B-dul 13 Noiembrie II

7. Catholic Church

8. Small Graveyard

9. 16th Century

10. Volksbank

11. Café Krone

12. The Gents

13. Putzergasse Houses I

14. Putzergasse Houses II

15. Old Town Street

16. Putzergasse Houses III

17. Piaţa Sfatului

18. String Quartet

19. Orthodox Cathedral

20. Piaţa Sfatului II

21. Black Church

22. In Need of a Face Lift

23. Synagogue

24. Residential House

25. Piaţa Unirii

26. Chapel on a Hill

27. Poarta Ecaterinei

28. St Treime

29. Small Chapel

30. Hill Fort

31. One More Elegant House

32. MCMI

33. Black Church II

34. View from Mount Tâmpa

35. Old Town View

36. Litter Interlude

37. At the Foot of the Mountains

38. Orthodox Church

39. Putzergasse Houses IV

40. Putzergasse Houses V

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