Nikko is a small town 100 km north of Tokyo which is full of attractions. There is a bunch of temples and shrines that are World Heritages. Nikko is in the mountains, and there plenty of hiking opportunities. Another 10 km from Nikko, but 800 more metres above sea level is Chuzenji where is a spectacular waterfall.

To see all this in one day is of course impossible, but I had grown tired of my backpack and did Nikko as a day excursion from Tokyo. I had a plan. And, no, it did not work out.

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1. Shin-kyo

2. Ropeway and Mountain

3. Waterfall and Lake

4. Zigzag Road

5. Map

6. Spots of Snow

7. Too Much Snow

8. Panorama

9. Return to Point Zero

10. The Monkey Attack

11. Sanbutso-do

12. High Trees

13. Tosho-gu

14. Pagoda

15. Mean Gatekeeper

16. House in Red and Gold

17. Pavilion

18. Elephants

19. Monkeys

20. Torii in Green

21. Well?

22. Gate

23. Warrior

24. Decorated Wall

25. More Carvings

26. Ceiling

27. Nikka Whisky

28. Coffins

29. Details Main Building

30. The Sleeping Cat

31. 200 Steps

32. Ieyasu's Tomb I

33. Ieyasu's Tomb II

34. Ieyasu's Tomb III

35. Amulets for Sale

36. Rooftops

37. Nesting-boxes

38. Couple

39. Telephone Box

40. Railway Station

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