6. Spots of Snow

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I had not walked long when I met with an Italian guy that had left on the trail before me. He had gotten doubts and had turned back. But I bravely told him that we were on track, and he turned again, and together we continued on. We came to the electricity line, and we avoided to be lured onto the path that was the "maintenance road" on the first fork, but not the second. (To our defence, there was a signpost which seemed to say Chuzenji in the direction we went. At least did three of four Kanji characters match.)

But eventually it became painfully clear to me that we were heading in the wrong direction. The lake and the village were behind us, and the path just went down and down and down. So we had to turn back, and now it went up and up and up. Here and there we could see spots of snow on the slopes. But it would get worse.