9. Return to Point Zero

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Re-finding the trail encouraged us to make a new attempt to follow it, but it did not take long until we had lost it again. We could clearly see the place we were heading for. But there were two slopes down, with a deeper valley between the two, and I had the feeling that we were on the wrong slope, and could end up below the waterfall, and not in the village. (Checking the map as I wrote this text, I found out that we would have ended up on the road into Chuzenji.)

We turned back all the way to the ropeway (and it sure did feel more than 1.5 km). Shoes and trousers were dirty, but no other wounds. And there were one thing that comforted me more than anything else: I had noticed that food was available at the lower ropeway station. It was over one o'clock and lunch was overdue.

After having had lunch, we went to the bus stop to catch next bus to Chuzenji. My plan was completed destroyed, and I could forget about the waterfall. I had to go to Nikko to see as much as I could there. But due to the one-way traffic, I first had to go to Chuzenji.