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The biggest concregation of trulli that I encountered. Probably some modern hotel, but nevertheless.

The picture is from Locorotondo, small town that is only some 5-6 km north of Martina Franca. I went there by local train, and spent an hour in the town. Locorotonao also has an old town with meandering streets, but the main attraction of Locorontondo are the views.

From Locorotondo I went back to Martina Franca to catch the train back to Lecce, but as I asked from which platform that train was leaving I was told that there was a strike and that train was cancelled. When I asked how I would get back to Lecce, I got the answer "Good question, taxi?". When I asked who would pay that taxi, the man I talked to did not seem to understand and started to ask his colleagues if anyone of them knew English – despite that I had been talking Italian with him...

Anyway, it sorted out quite easily. The trains to Bari were still going, so I could go there and catch an express train to Lecce. I arrived back in Lecce at 8:30 rather than at six as originally planned, but it was no big deal, as I had seen what I wanted to see from Lecce. The really stupid thing is that if I had known about the strike in advance, I would not have returned to Martina Franca from Locorotondo, since Locorotondo is one the track to Bari. And the next stop after Locorotondo is Alberobello...