23. This is Vacation!

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This is the Scene! It was 35C, and in the morning I had actually walked up to the nearby peak Arrodoy, 650 metres high. After lunch I decided to lay on the small lawn by the river – in the shade – and just relax. And that's where I found him. Sitting on a collapsible chair in the river bed itself reading a book or a newspaper. His dog playing by his feet. I said to myself: this is VACATION! It is one of the most wonderful scenes I've seen in my life. Judging from the plates of the house-van that stood on the lawn, he and his wife, who were just sitting on the lawn, were from Eastern Germany.

Right where is sitting the river is very shallow, just a few centimetres deep. But just a few metres downstream the river deepened and you could swim. The local kids even dove from the bridge.