Vacation 2000 - A Study in Bad Photos

My vacation trip in year 2000 might have been my best ever. I flew to Lisbon, and found my way back to Stockholm by train and bus. I didn't open any guidebook until I sat on the plane. There were some places I wanted to see, but there was also a lot of improvisation. There were occasions when I did not decide where to go until I was already sitting on the train.

In 2000 I did not own any camera, but two gals in my office presented me with one of these use-once cameras just before I left and said "We want pictures". They got what they deserved. I had not owned a camera since I was a kid, and the pictures are generally bad. (They later admitted that the travelogue was far better than the photos.) Nevertheless I have converted them to digital format and put them on the web site. Not the least because of the third-to-last picture in this suite - one of the most wonderful scenes I've seen in my life.

As I said the photos are generally poor. Keep in mind that it was a very simple camera with no zoom at all. And it was analogue with some 25 slots available in total. With a digital camera you can take many photos and sort out the best. With this camera I had single chance, I had to take what I got. You are warned.

Svensk version


1. Coimbra

2. The Bušaco Forest

3. Quarrelling Gardeners

4. Manteigas

5. Walk Around the Lake

6. Serra de Estrela I

7. Serra de Estrela II

8. Ciudad de Rodrigo

9. Salamanca

10. Casa Lis

11. Leonese Bank

12. Outside Oviedo

13. Street Scene, Oviedo

14. Arenas de Cabrales

15. Picos de Europa

16. The Cares Gorge I

17. The Cares Gorge II

18. The Cares Gorge III

19. The Cares Gorge IV

20. Cat in Bilbao

21. Heatwave

22. Saint-Jean Pied-de-Port

23. This is Vacation!

24. View with the Eiffel Tower

25. Building in The Hague

26. Delft: Old Town Hall

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