North Carolina

39. Don't Do That!

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This sign is from a small park in Charlotte, and I find it no less than hilarious. And it is not unique; you find signs like this all over the place. The park is an open spot in town, but yet it has opening hours and you are not permitted to be there outside of those hours. Of course, some of the points make sense like you should pick up after your pets and you should not litter. But there are also points you would never see in a Swedish park. The one about firearms, for instance. Not that Swedish people bring firearms to their parks all day – we simply don't walk around with them at all. Or the point about alcoholic beverages. If they would put such signs in the Stockholm parks there would be an outcry. What's wrong with bringing a box of wine for a picnic in the green? And I thought I was living in an over-regulated country, but after seeing all these signs...