Cantavieja and Maestrazgo

The mountain ranges Gúdar and Maestrazgo run east and northeast of Teruel. This is a sparsely populated area, but the guidebook seemed to think that the araa is worth exploring. One idea was to rent a car, so that I could visit several villages, but I did not find anywhere to rent a car in Teruel. Now, honestly, I did not look that hard, since I had found that there was a bus running once a day to Cantavieja one of the biggest villages in the area, and that place sports a good three-star hotel. I arrived half past four in the afternoon, and stayed for three nights. I rented a bicycle for one day, whereas the second full day I let it suffice with a walk before lunch to take a lazy afternoon.

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1. On the Bus I

2. On the Bus II

3. On the Bus III

4. Plaza Mayor

5. Contrasts

6. Old House

7. Sideway View

8. Flowers and Bramble

9. House on the Precipice

10. Mountain View

11. Cantavieja at Dusk

12. Crane

13. View over Cantavieja

14. Bicycle Trip II

15. Bicycle Trip III

16. Bicycle Trip IV

17. Sheep and Pool

18. Horses

19. Bicycle Trip VII

20. Bicycle Trip VIII

21. Wind Turbines

22. Bicycle Trip X

23. Tractor

24. Casas de San Juan I

25. Casas de San Juan II

26. Rio de la Cuba

27. Bicycle Trip XV

28. Bicycle Trip XVI

29. Cloud

30. Bicycle Walk

31. Cow

32. Almost Home

33. Modern Houses and a Cat

34. Running Water

35. Morning Walk II

36. Western Village View

37. Morning Walk IV

38. Morning Walk V

39. Morning Walk VI

40. Morning Walk VII

41. Morning Walk VIII

42. Morning Walk IX

43. Ruin

44. Morning Walk XI

45. Morning Walk XII

46. Panorama

47. Thorns

48. Roofs

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