Teruel is a provincial capital in the south of Aragon with an old town which also is the centre for the modern town, making it a lively spot. Teruel is not one of the big tourist destinations, but it has a couple of sights and a very nice atmosphere.

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1. Plaza del Torico

2. House in Teruel

3. Torre San Salvador

4. In the Tower

5. View over Teruel

6. The Cathedral

7. La Escalinata

8. La Escalinata, Detail

9. House on a Hill

10. TheAqueduct

11. On the Aqueduct

12. The Surrounding Hills

13. Viaduct

14. Viaduct II

15. House in Teruel II

16. Flower Pot

17. House in Teruel III

18. House in Teruel IV

19. Iglesia de San Pedro

20. Iglesia de San Pedro II

21. Iglesia de San Pedro III

22. Iglesia de San Pedro IV

23. Plaza de Catedral

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