On the Road

This section has some pictures that did not fit in elsewhere. Several of them are taken from the train or bus I was riding.

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1. Piaţa Unirii

2. Modern Romanian Architecture

3. Church
Tulcea to Braşov

4. Dobrogean Mountains

5. The Danube

6. Ferry Crossing

7. Slow Train

8. Bran Castle

9. Towered Building

10. Up the Hills I

11. Up the Hills II

12. The Souvenir Stalls

13. Castle Interior

14. Pinnacle
Braşov to Sighişoara

15. Transylvanian Scenes I

16. Transylvanian Scenes II

17. Transylvanian Scenes III

18. Transylvanian Scenes IV
Romanian Elements

19. The Menu

20. Money
Sighişoara to Sibiu

21. PO Luna

22. Meeting Train

23. Countryside Houses

24. Three Churches

25. Hidden Church

26. Village Street

27. Three More Churches

28. Railway Crossing

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