The Danube delta

The Danube delta is a very special corner of Europe. It's filled with water ways and wetlands. But there are also dunes and forested areas. The delta is largely roadless, and boats in various forms is the common means of transportation. Today the area is a biosphere reserve and you need a "permit" to enter. But human hands certainly have set traces in the delta. For instance, the middle arm of the delta is almost a straight line while Mother Nature had laid out a meandering route.

Tulcea is the gateway to the delta. It sits on the river just after the northernmost of the main arms of the delta has forked off. It offers a nice riverside promenade, but you would mainly come here to spend a night before and after going further into the delta. There are several opportunities to stay in the delta, and I ended up in the farming village of Letea, and that was an experience in itself.

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1. View from the Hotel I

2. View from the Hotel II

3. The Riverfront

4. Train

5. Map I

6. Map II
Bratul Sulina

7. From the Hydrofoil I

8. From the Hydrofoil II

9. Barge

10. From the Hydrofoil IV

11. From the Hydrofoil V

12. Sulina I

13. Sulina II
Coming to Letea

14. A Smaller Canal

15. Natural Speed Bump

16. A Fork in the Road

17. Letea

18. The Village Street

19. Down by the River

20. Bird in the Grass

21. Duckies

22. Cows on the Field

23. On the City Limits

24. Dog on the River Bank

25. Social Media I

26. Kids on Bicycles

27. Geese
First Boat Trip

28. River Bank

29. Water Lilies

30. Slow Time

31. Fast Time

32. Dense Vegetation

33. Fine Bird

34. Water and Weed

35. Bird in Flight

36. Willow Tree

37. Delta Essence

38. Knotty Roots

39. Mushrooms

40. Green Water

41. Dunărea Veche

42. Camping

43. M/S Lolita

44. Another Bird

45. Flying Bird

46. Confluence

47. Side-canal

48. White Flowers

49. Mountains

50. Field

51. Butterflies and Berries

52. Old Danube

53. More White Flowers

54. A Small Cottage

55. Fish!

56. Birds on Water Plants

57. Violet Flowers

58. Bird-Watching Tower

59. From the Tower I

60. From the Tower II

61. From the Tower II

62. Side Canal

63. Water Lilies Again

64. Necklace
The Letea Forest

65. Carriage + Cell Phone

66. The Forest I

67. The Forest II

68. Old Tree

69. The Dunes

70. Sandy Berries

71. The Forest III

72. Tree + Cow

73. Cow

74. Horse Carriages
The Pension, Tado Letea

75. The Room

76. The Eating Pavilion

77. Cats and Dogs

78. Hungry Cat

79. Even Hungrier Cat
Around Letea

80. The Lake

81. The Cross

82. Canal

83. Crow on a Field

84. Horses

85. Along the River

86. Social Media II
The Village

87. Nice House

88. The Bottle Veranda

89. Abandoned House

90. 1936

91. Farmyard

92. Fine House

93. Straw Roof

94. Yet an Abandoned House

95. Hen
Second Boat Trip

96. Man with Dog

97. Blue Boat

98. Big Black Bird

99. Holiday Couple

100. Mighty Willows

101. Green is the Colour

102. Boat in a Canal

103. Lacul Răducului

104. Willow Roots

105. More Fuel

106. Two Flying Birds

107. Reed and Flowers

108. Rowing People

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