Bucharest is a bustling city, but you cannot say that it has character. To that end is just too much of a mix of different times, and the Communist era was not a good time for Bucharest: an earthquake in 1977 and a megalomaniac dictator pulverised large parts of the historic centre. Instead Ceauşescu wanted to create a "the first socialist capital for the new socialist man" with his Centru Civic. Ironically, the greatest sight in Bucharest is his most ambitious, the exceedingly large Palace of Parliament.

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Centru Civic

1. Bulevardul Unirii

2. National Library

3. Mihai Vodă Church

4. Piaţa Unirii

5. River Dâmboviţa

6. Centru Civic Housing
The Palace of Parliament

7. The Entrance

8. Some Facts

9. Hallway

10. Theatre

11. Chandelier

12. The Sixty Chairs

13. Another Hallway

14. Floor Plan?

15. Wall Chandelier

16. Yet a Chandelier

17. Staircase

18. Carpet

19. Ceiling Detail

20. The Great Hall

21. Door Detail

22. View from the Terrace

23. Playground

24. The Protesters

25. Caru' cu Bere

26. Stavropoleos Church

27. Stavropoleos Church II

28. Lipscani Street

29. Contrasts

30. Lipscani Houses

31. Narrow Alley

32. Old Court Church

33. Old Court Church II

34. Hanul lui Manuc

35. Hanul lui Manuc II

36. Hanul lui Manuc III

37. Russian Church

38. Russian Church II

39. Scaffolding
The Monumental Centre

40. Cercul Militar National

41. Former Communist Party HQ

42. Glorie Maritilor Nostri

43. University Library

44. HQ for Romanian Architects

45. Creţulescu Church

46. Art Noveau

47. What Style?

48. Contrasts
Piaţa Universităţii

49. Memorial I

50. Memorial II

51. Memorial III

52. Hospital

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