Miyajima is an island just outside Hiroshima with a lots of temples and shrines. The view over one of the shrines, Itsukushima-jinja, is ranked as one of the top three views in Japan. The island also has a lot of natural scenery, and it is a good hike to walk up to the highest peak on the island, 532 m above sea level and down again. There is a ropeway that covers the part of the trip for the lazy ones. (Myself, I went by foot in both directions.) The island is not overly populated; the main housing is a village that runs from the ferry port to the area where the temples and shrines are located, and which offers the regular tourist-trap attractions. Miyajima is a popular tourist destination.

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1. On the Ferry Boat

2. Torii in the Water

3. Along the Water

4. O-torii in a Side View

5. Pagoda

6. Deer

7. Beach View

8. Senjokaku I

9. Senjokaku II

10. View from Senjokaku

11. Old Tree

12. Itsukushima-jinja I

13. Itsukushima-jinja II

14. O-torii again

15. The Wedding

16. Wedding - The Priest

17. Wedding - The Maids

18. Wedding - Bride and Bridegroom

19. Wedding - The Musicians

20. The Wedding - The Tourists

21. Wooden Buddha

22. Canal

23. Village Street

24. The Miso-san Trail

25. Miso-San 2.3 km

26. Towards Miso-San I

27. Towards Miso-San II

28. Towards Miso-San III

29. Towards Miso-San IV

30. Towards Miso-San V

31. Almost There!

32. And Finally!

33. Miso-San

34. More Deer

35. Panorama Miso-San I

36. Panorama Miso-San II

37. Panorama Miso-San III

38. The Man in the Cave

39. The Man in the Cave II

40. Tins?

41. Drum (and Preserves)

42. Wooden Faces

43. Eternal Flame

44. Eternal Flame II

45. One More Temple

46. Wrung Tree

47. View over the Inland Sea

48. Monkey

49. More Monkeys

50. Yet More Shrines

51. Downhill

52. View over the Village

53. Rock

54. Daisho-in I

55. Daisho-in II

56. Daisho-in III

57. Daisho-in IV

58. Daisho-in V

59. TV Set

60. Back to the Ferry

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