The Aso caldera is the world's largest crater. The old volcano is extinct since long, and in the bottom of the crater there is a fertile plain, the home for around 75 000 people. In the middle of the crater is Aso-san, a mountain with a number of peaks and one volcano that still is active, and which is a popular tourist destination. Most of the crater area is a national park. There is also place with a railway station known as Aso town, although it's difficult to really call it a town. On my way from the railway station to my hotel I walked past a barn with cows outside and the distinct flavour of fertiliser.

Aso is on north part of Kyushu, and it took a couple of hours to get there from Hiroshima; I had to change trains thrice. I arrived mid-afternoon, and I spent the day investigating how to do a walk around the volcano that was outlined in the guidebook, and then I went out looking at the village. The next day I caught a bus up to the volcano and did the aforementioned walk. Most of the pictures are from that walk.

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1. From the Hotel Room I

2. From the Hotel Room II

3. Cuddly Dominion

4. Nice view

5. The Aso Plain

6. Puff of Smoke

7. Village Road

8. The Rice Bowl

9. Pool

10. Wind Turbines

11. View over the Valley

12. Mountain Look

13. Ropeway

14. The Volcano

15. Poisonous Gases

16. The Volcano II

17. The Volcano III

18. Volcano Walk I

19. Summer and Winter

20. Ash Field

21. The Yellow Arrow

22. Yellow Rock Formation

23. Up!

24. View over the Ash Field

25. Red Rock

26. Look Down

27. More Panorama

28. Down in the Valley

29. Coloured Rocks

30. Red Soil

31. Another Mountain

32. More Coloured Mountains

33. Temple

34. The Other Platform

35. The Other Side

36. Volcanic Minerals

37. A Fuming Hole

38. Small Peak

39. Not a Full Circle

40. Temple

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