Kyoto - The City

Tokyo may be the big city, but Tokyo does not have much of a history. In 1600 Edo, as it was called then, just a fishing village, when the new shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa made Edo his capital. But the emperors continued to lived in Kyoto, as they had from the end of the 8th century until 1868, when the emperor also moved to Edo (which then became Tokyo). Many Japanese cities were bombed to rumbles during World War II, but Kyoto was mainly spared (for reasons that are not nice at all, see the Hiroshima site for details.)

Kyoto is a modern city, the seventh biggest in Japan, with plenty of industry and trade. But it is also packed with sights from the past, and you could easily spend two-three weeks in Kyoto as a tourist. Not the least if you take in consideration all places you can make day trips to. Although it has to be said, a lot of it is temples and shrines. And gardens. So you can easily get an overdose. But overall Kyoto is a very nice city to be in, not the least at night. My own stay lasted only 3 days, and I was nowhere close to see it all. For instance, I didn't make it to Nara which was the very first permanent capital in Japan.

I've split up the Kyoto pictures in three sites. This site shows pictures from the town as such; the modern sides of it as well as what is left of the old days. Another site covers all temples and shrines (including natural sceneries) I visited, and the third site has pictures from all the gardens I was to.

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1. Kyoto Tower

2. Kyoto Station

3. View to the South-East

4. View towards Kiyomizu-dera

5. House

6. Kamo-gawa Bridge

7. European Style

8. Kamo-gawa View

9. Pontocho

10. Pontocho Restaurants

11. Canal in Pontocho

12. Mall

13. The Shrine in the Mall

14. Shrine Detail I

15. Shrine Detail II

16. Street Shrine

17. Crab

18. Pontocho By Night

19. Alley I

20. Alley II

21. Cycle Stand

22. Shop I

23. Shop II

24. Traditional Houses

25. Maruyama Park

26. Gion

27. Bird

28. Gion II

29. Gion III

30. Gion IV

31. Gion V

32. Gion VI

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