Sila Grande

55. View over the Fields

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I had of course came here to do some good day-hikes. I consulted the tourist information, but it turned out that the paths that started in Camigliatello itself were just a few short ones, the longest only 5 km. There were better alternatives, but they were some distance away. Maybe I should have rented that car after all? However, I had chanced to find a map over the area with a half-decent scale, and I had found some smaller roads on it. With all this forest, it seemed like a good bet.

Nothing goes as planned. This proved to mainly be an agricultural area. The weather was nice with mainly sun, but it was not that very special experience.

Nevertheless, here is a view over the firlds, and you can see some people working there. Overall, there were actually quite a few people out on the lands, which was a bit remarkable. After all, it was Sunday.