125. Oops!

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The roads on the Faroes are generally in good condition. However, the roads to the smaller places are typically single-lane with meeting places along the way. But if the road bends around a mountain, drivers may not be able to see the other car until there is no meeting place between them. This happend here, and since I knew that I had a meeting place right behind me (you can see it in the picture to the right), and the other driver had come downhill around a bend, it was an obvious choice for me to try the backward route. I was not really able to keep a straight line, but came to close to the edge. I tried to correct it, but it was too late.

The girl in the meeting car called her boyfriend in the village, and by chance her brother-in-law came from the other direction, and all these were big strong guys that were able to get the car back on the road, and the car did not appear to take any damage.

And speaking about single-lane... Single-lane roads are OK. But single-lane tunnels! There are two of those on  Boršoy. There are straight as an arrow, there are really a strain on your nerves to drive through. You see a light, and you know that the rule mandates the car coming from the north to yield. But when? If you yield too late, that is obviously bad. But if you yield to early, you can cause cars to pile up behind you on the meeting places.