30. Tren a las nubes  Zig-Zag

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And so it was Saturday, and time for the big event : Tren a las nubes, the Train to the clouds. The railway starts in Salta 1200 m above sea level, and as most it reaches an altitude of 4600 m. It crosses the border to Chile, and eventually reaches Antofagasta on the Pacific Ocean. Today only freight trains goes all this way. The tourist train Tren a las nubes, goes to the stunning Polvorila viaduct and the turns back to Salta. Of all sights in the Salta area, the train is the event. You see the logotype for the train all over town.

The railway is an engineering feat, and there are several smart solutions. This is the first of two zig-zags, where the train goes into a dead end, backs out on another track, into the next dead end, change direction once more on yet a new track. This way, the train gains 47 m in altitude in very short distance. Thus, the track you see is one that train has just been rolling on.

On a day like this, keeps the camera working, and all pictures from the train ride, is on a page of its own. Here I only include a small selection.