21. Resistencia

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Resistencia is the captial of the Chaco province, and is hardly a major attraction. But when travelling from Iguaz˙ to Salta, it was a convenient stopover for me. And there is one thing which is special about Resistencia: there are over 300 sculptures spread over town, in the parks and plazas, and along the streets. Not all are in good shape, but sufficiently many are to add extra value to a stroll around town. Overall, since Resistencia was the first city of any size on my trip, it was nice leisure after all experiences in Iberß and Iguaz˙ to just walk around aimlessly.

This picture is from Resistencia's extra large Plaza de Mayo and features one of the sculptures in Resistencia. (Most Argentine cities has a main plaza taking up one block of 100 x 100 m, but Plaza de Mayo is 200 x 200 m and takes up four blocks.) As you can see it has been raining heavily. And indeed, I woke up five in the morning and heard the rain smattering on a roof somewhere. When I rose from bed 2-3 hours later, I did not hear the rain anymore, but a quick look out the window revealed that it was still pouring. However, towards noon the rain stopped, and the afternoon offered pleasant sunshine. But the clouds gathered a new, when I took the taxi to the bus station, the rain was maybe the heaviest I have ever experienced in my life.

There are a few more pictures from Resistencia on the Miscellaneous page.