19. Las Malvinas

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If you thought that the attempt to conquer the Falklands was the idea of some mad generals, you are wrong. The Brits snatched the islands from Argentina in quite an unscrupolous manner in the 19th century, and Argentina has still not accepted the state of affairs. If you read the paper to check the weather forecasts, you find in the list of Argentine cities a Puerto Argentino – that is Port Stanley. The likelihood that Argentina again would take to arms is hopefully negligible, but it appears to be difficult for Argentina to give up the aspirations – even though it is well-known that the islanders don't want to have any involvement with Argentina. Maybe Argentina and the UK can meet half-way? The Brits apologizes for having stolen the islands, and Argentina apoligizes for Maradona's cheating with "the hand of God"?

This particular pictures is from the border crossing at Iguaz˙, but I saw signs with the same message along roads within the country as well.