1. Esteros del Iberá

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Esteros del Iberá is an enormously large wetlands area in the Corrientes province in the north-east of Argentina. The best place to get a taste of the wetlands is from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, a small colony 120 km from the closest city. Yet this only brings you to the outskirts of this vast area. The days I were there offered grey skies and not more than 15ºC. But I was very well taken care of at Hostería Ñandé Retá, making this one of the highlights of the trip.

I believe that the flowers on the pictures are camalote, a kind of water hyacinth. These flowers have floats, and they can join in such masses that they form floating islands which can host other life as well. In the background, we see some local jungle, but the most of the ground around Iberá does not have this amount of trees.