Cataratas de Iguazú

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The Iguazú Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil are among the mightiest water falls on this planet. Río Igauazú runs over a basalt layer that ends abruptly and is followed by soft sandstone. As a consequence, the river falls 80 metres in a number of falls spread out over the wide river.

Both Argentina and Brazil have national parks in conjunction to the falls, and if you go to Iguazú, you should definitely visit both. There is a lot more to see and discover on the Argentinian site (at least without extra expenses), but it is from the Brazilian side you get the best overview of the falls. Both parks offer more than just water falls, and all the water-fall pictures are mixed with pictures on plants and animals.

As for where to stay the night, I definitely recommend Puerto Iguazú on the Argentinian side. Foz de Iguaçu in Brazil is a bigger city, but it did not give a friendly impression  Puerto Iguazú is like Argentina in general: people are mainly nice and honest, and you don't have to suspect in every second that someone is trying to trick you.

I was two days at the falls, the first on the Argentinian side, and the second on the Brazilian. However, I start off with some pictures from the Brazilian side to give you some overview.

1. Triple Border

2. Brazilian Overview I

3. Brazilian Overview II

4. Brazilian Overview III

5. Brazilian Overview IV

6. Sendero Macuco

7. The Pool

8. View over Río Iguazú

9. Salto Arrechea I

10. Salto Arrechea II

11. Butterflies

12. Stepping Stone

13. Brazilian Boat Launch

14. Entrance to the Falls

15. You don't get wet!

16. After the Bath

17. Below

18. The Big Fall by San Martín

19. Red Flowers

20. Rainbow

21. Closeup of a Fall

22. Closeup, portrait mode

23. View with San Martín

24. A View Up the Hill

25. Fat Lizard

26. Blossoming Trees

27. Jungle Picture

28. Overview

29. Half-Overview

30. More Falls

31. Even More Falls

32. Retired Stream

33. And Even More Falls

34. Just Above

35. Yet Another Fall

36. Nice Flower

37. A Small Fall

38. Small Stream

39. Stone Gate

40. Vultures I

41. Vultures II

42. Lizard II

43. Fall Seen from San Martín

44. Water and Water

45. Lizard III

46. Tree with Balls

47. Still Waters

48. Still Waters II

49. La Garganta del Diablo I

50. La Garganta del Diablo II

51. La Garganta del Diablo III

52. Into the Fog

53. Fog with Rainbow

54. La Garganta del Diablo VI

55. White Bird

56. Crocodile

57. Water Mirror

58. View from Brazil

59. Coati

60. Green Lizard

61. Small Stream Falling

62. Small White Mushroom

63. The Lower Parts of a Fall

64. Running Water

65. Steamin'

66. View of a Fall

67. The Garganta Birds

68. Gargantic Fog

69. Rainbow over Water

70. Complete Chaos

71. Fall in Close Study

72. Water is All You See

73. The Lower Part of a Fall

74. Coati II

75. La Garganta from above

76. On the Frontier

77. Río Igauzú