On the Road to Cachi

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Cachi is a small town some 180 km south-west of Salta. I opted to make this excursion with a traditional tour operator and ended up in a minibus with nine other tourists and a guide. For the first part of the trip the guide was talking too much - which guides commonly do. When we started to do the real climb, she had apparently run out of words, so she stared to play a CD with local folk music, and loudly. I didn't understand the point - the beautiful land scape was perfect entertainment as it was.

Despite the setting, it was quite a good trip. Had I rented a car and driven myself, I would not have been able to see equally much of the landscape. Half the distance was curvy unpaved road, calling for all attention on the road. And the road was the real purpose of the trip. Cachi is certainly a sweet little place, but not worth a day trip on its own.

I took photos both the way going there and on the way back home, but I have arranged them in geographical order, so to speak. Some pictures are taken out from the bus window, which explains some funny reflexes.

1. Dry River Bed

2. Horses in River Bed

3. Canyon Side

4. From the Bridge

5. El Sunchal 3 km

6. Red Mountains

7. Grafitti

8. Red and Green Mountains

9. By the Café

10. Mountain Side

11. Cuesta de Obispo

12. Cuesta de Obispo II

13. Naked Mountain

14. See for Miles

15. Mountain View

16. View, Piedra del Molino

17. Chapel Piedra del Molino

18. Inside the Chapel

19. Recta Tin Tin

20. Mountains from Recta Tin Tin

21. Parque de los Cardones

22. Bush with Yellow Flowers

23. Cardón close-up

24. Cachi plaza

25. View from Cachi

26. View from Cachi II

27. The Church in Cachi

28. Cactus Ceiling