5. Walk Around the Lake

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I started early in the morning and went up the mountain on an old Roman road. It was a constant uphill for quite a while. Eventually, it flattened out, and I came to this reservoir which is beautifully situated. I had a swim, and then decided to walk around the lake. This may sound trivial, but there was no path. Initially I walked barefoot along the waterline, but there were places were streams were running out where it was a bit too deep for wading to be practical. So I started to walk in the bushes – or rather upon them. The shrubs that were not that high, but they were dense. It wasn't without risk, in some places small streams had dug out gorges below the shrubs. By the time I came back to the road, I was a bit fed up with this difficult walking. There were no incidents, except that I later had to give up the shorts that I wore. They had acquired a strong smell from the vegetation, which survived two rounds in the washing machine.