44. Ugly Winter

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I figured that some people from lower latitudes may be looking at these pictures and be disappointed because all they get to see are summer pictures. Rather they hope to see pictures with this funny thing called "snow" they have heard of but never seen.

This picture is for you. And, no it is not beautiful. If you live where snow never falls, just be happy. It's ugly, it's cold, it gets in the way and goes the traffic to go slow, trains be cancelled etc. Or as here, the cars gets buried in the crap. The streets get slippery, and you have to walk in some mix of snow, sand and salt instead of nice flat ground. Bicycling on it can be a real burden when it neither bears nor breaks.

And, no, it does not have to be like this. This picture is from January 2010. The pictures around Karlberg are from mid-February 2009, and you can see we much had less snow that year. It was possible to discern things. Now with all this white pollutions all contours are lost.

So, yes there is a reason why my pictures from Stockholm almost always are summer pictures.