Pictures 2008

For various reasons, I didn't make any vacation trip this year, so there are only some pictures from Seattle and summer pictures from Stockholm, including a sea-bird special.

Svensk version

1. Seattle from the Sea, I

2. Seattle from the Sea, II

3. Port Townsend, the Court House

4. View over Port Townsend, I

5. View over Port Townsend, II

6. View over Port Townsend, III

7. Street Scene, Port Townsend

8. Sea Birds, I

9. Sea Birds, II

10. Sea Birds, III

11. Sea Birds, IV

12. Sea Birds, V

13. Sea Birds, VI

14. Sea Birds, VII

15. Sea Birds, VIII

16. View from Björkvik

17. Stensjön

18. Årsjön I

19. Årsjön II

20. Årsjön III

21. Årsjön IV

22. Hallsfjärden

23. Bluff

24. Forest Path

25. Östertälje

26. Karlberg Railway Station

27. Kungsholmen

28. Between Two Trains

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