A Walk around the Lake

When I had seen enough of La Ciudad Encantada, I took my rental car with the intention to see a waterfall, some 50 km away. But I had hardly gone 10 km when I arrived in Uña, a small village by a small lake. I stopped to have a quick look. I saw a map which showed that there was a 9 km walking trail around the lake, and I decided to make this walk and scrap the waterfall. This proved to be a very good decision: this walk was one of the absolute highlights on this trip.

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1. Overview

2. Uña

3. Down by the Lake

4. Steep Rocks

5. The Lake

6. Forest and Mountain

7. Getting Closer

8. And Closer

9. On the Edge

10. On My Way Up

11. Across the Valley

12. View to the Valley

13. View over the Lake

14. Viewing Platform

15. Viewing Platform II

16. More Steep Mountains

17. Rocks and Trees

18. Forest Path

19. Ravine

20. Looking Down

21. Looking Back

22. Favourite en reprise

23. The Rock at the Precipice

24. Another Valley View

25. Uña and the Lake

26. Going Down

27. Going Down II

28. Pine

29. Going Down III

30. Yes, It's that Lake Again

31. The Shelf

32. Twig

33. More Vegetation

34. The Shelf Continues

35. A Last Look on the Lake

36. Piano?

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