Cuenca and La Ciudad Encantada

Cuenca is a provincial capital in central Spain, about midway between València and Madrid. The historic old town is situated on a hil that rises steeply between two rivers. The modern centre of Cuenca is, however, on the other side of one of the rivers, why the old town feels more like a museum where you mainly find fellow tourists.

About 30 km outside Cuenca is La Ciudad Encantada, a natural park with some eyebrow-raising stone formations, the result of erosion over the years. Different sorts of rocks were originally mixed during some upheaval way back them. The soft rock has eroded away, while the hard rock is still there.

This suite of pictures starts with Cuenca, and then moves on to La Ciudad Encantada.

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1. Street

2. Calle Alfonso XIII

3. Plaza Mayor

4. Iglesia de San Pedro

5. View over Cuenca

6. Mountain View

7. From a Hill

8. Swimming Pool

9. As Seen from Below

10. Rock

11. Bridge

12. The Hanging Houses

13. View from Below

14. Balcony Study

15. Cathedral Detail

16. Ceiling in the Cathedral

17. Houses from below

18. House in Red

19. Eyes

20. Alley

21. From the River

22. La Ventana del Diablo I

23. La Ventana del Diablo II

24. La Ciudad Encantada

25. The Anvil

26. The Old Man

27. Kiss!

28. La Roca

29. Mar de Piedra

30. Mar de Piedra II

31. Ravine

32. On the Moon?

33. The Elephant and the Crocodile

34. Mountain Holes

35. Mushroom

36. Rock on Wood

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