València is the third largest city in Spain. It's quite a nice city with a medieval centre where the streets wind seemingly at random. This is also the area where many of the sights are. Walking the streets in València is a reward in itself, because there are many beautiful houses in València, and the last part of this series is entirely devoted to Valencian houses. Not that the pictures before that are devoid of architectural features - València is a lot about architecture.

From a language perspective, València is a bit confusing. They speak Catalan in València as well - but they prefer to call it Valencian. Obviously, there are always dialectal differences, but it goes beyond that; I noted on RENFE's web site that they have pages both in Catalan and Valencian. Whatever you call it, the language does not have the same position as Catalan has in Catalonia. My guidebook had the names of most sights and places in Castilian, and both street maps I got in València also used Castilian names. But out on town, the street signs were generally in Valencian, and I have use Valencian names as far as I have been able to find them.

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1. From the Balcony

2. Ajuntament

3. Cathedral

4. Cathedral Ceiling

5. Cathedral Ceiling II

6. The Holy Grail

7. View over the Old Town

8. Plaza de la Reina

9. El Mercat Central

10. El Mercat Central II

11. Inside El Mercat Central

12. Jardins del Túria

13. An Arc and a House

14. The Beach

15. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

16. Hemisfèric

17. Palau de les Arts

18. Museu de les Ciències

19. Jardins del Túria II

20. Mercat de Colom

21. Mercat Colom II

22. Estació del Nord

23. Estació del Nord II

24. Estació del Nord III

25. Estació del Nord IV

26. Estació del Nord V

27. Real Monasterio del Puig de Santa Maria

28. El Puig Church I

29. El Puig Church II

30. Printing Press

31. Plaza de la Reina

32. Orxata

33. Horchateria de Santa Catalina

34. Horchateria de Santa Catalina II

35. The Church of the Virgin

36. The Virgin II

37. Cupola

38. One More Church

39. Torres de Quart

40. Big Tree

41. Valencian Houses I

42. Valencian Houses II

43. Valencian Houses III

44. Valencian Houses IV

45. Valencian Houses V

46. Valencian Houses VI

47. Valencian Houses VII

48. Valencian Houses VIII

49. Valencian Houses IX

50. Valencian Houses X

51. Valencian Houses XI

52. Valencian Houses XII

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