Delta de l'Ebre

In the deep south of Catalonia, the river Ebro (Ebre in Catalan) flows into the Mediterrean Sea and forms a delta which is quite different from Spain in general - everything here is completely flat. The delta is popular with migrating birds, and the delta is a natural reserve. Some parts are off-limits for visitors to leave the birds alone. The delta is also an agricultural area with rice being the prime crop. Smack in the middle of the delta is the small and thoroughly charmless town Deltebre where I stayed. I arrived around noon, and I was able to get on a boat excursion along the river the same day. The next day, I took a trip with my gear-less rental bike to a sandy peninsula and I walked around its perimeter.

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1. Fine Bird

2. Bridge over Ebro

3. Huge Tree

4. In the Middle of Ebro

5. River Bank

6. Palm Trees

7. Rice Fields

8. Birds

9. Flamingos

10. Walk in Water

11. House behind the Trees

12. Agricultural District

13. Long-legged Birds

14. Rice Cultivation

15. Insect

16. Pecking Birds

17. Sand...

18. The Lighthouse

19. Plenty of Birds

20. Still Life

21. Breaking Through

22. Long Island

23. House?

24. Littering Vehicles

25. Reflections

26. The Lighthouse Again

27. Bush in the Sand

28. Road and Canal

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