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52. Ancient Castle

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This picture and the upcoming ones are from the longest bicycle trip this summer. I took the train to Nyköping, almost 100 km south-west of Stockholm and cycled along various roads in the forest and along the coast to Vagnhärad to take the train home. In total, I covered 86 km on the bicycle this day.

You may look at this picture and only see rocks and ask where the castle is. The answer is that are some remnants on the top of the hill. You can find quite a few of these in Sweden. 2000-3000 years people settled on these high rocks where they had good overview of the surroundings and could see dangers approaching. Quite likely is that this rock was on the sea in those days.(The land in Sweden is still bouncing back from the ice age.) The buildings on the hilltop has since long withered, so there is not really much to see. Except for the majestic rock itself.