Summer 2004

Summer is excursion time. There are probably few big cities in this world that are better choices to spend summer in than Stockholm. There are so many options for going swimming, cycling, walking, sailing or whatever you prefer. And since the suns sets late, you can stay out long.

Pictures 1-16 are from Tyresta National Park, one my favourite spots in the Stockholm area, not the least for the magic in the area where forest fire raged a couple of years ago. Pics 17-21 are from a bike excursion south of Tumba and Tullinge. 22-33 are from a one-day hike together with a friend around Åkers Styckebruk, some 50 km southwest of Stockholm. 34-44 are from the area around Runsa, northwest of Stockholm, where I know a good cliff by the water.

Svensk version.

1. Tyresta for Beginners

2. Firs and Sörmlandsleden

3. Pines on Rocky Ground

4. Rocky Ground II

5. Rocky Ground III

6. Heather

7. The Fire Area

8. One Man's Meat...

9. Last Man Standing

10. Old Trees and Young Trees

11. Shrubs

12. Burntwood

13. Brook by Stensjön

14. Ants on a Bridge

15. Stensjön

16. Tiny Birch

17. Railway

18. Meadow

19. Wild Chervils

20. Zeppelin

21. Wet Parking

22. Forest hillside, Ådalskvarn

23. Sörmlandsleden

24. Brook, Ådalskvarn

25. Roots of a Fallen Tree

26. Inlet, Nedre Marviken

27. View over Nedre Marviken

28. Stone Wall, Nedre Marviken

29. Snail Dinner

30. Twiggy Fir Forest I

31. Twiggy Fir Forest II

32. Moss

33. Ducks

34. Wooden Bridge

35. The Brook by the Bridge

36. Bushes

37. Blue and Yellow Flowers

38. Lakeview

39. Grass by the Water

40. Shadowplay

41. Harebells

42. View of the Hilltop

43. Another Forest

44. Kairo

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