43. Coffee Copies

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Coffee is popular in Japan, and there are many types of places that serve coffee. There are those that only serve brewed coffee, but there are also more modern places that have adhered to the latte craze. There are a lot of chains, and all three from Seattle are there: Starbucks, Tully's and Seattle's Best Coffee. Add to that a number of domestic chains, and it is obvious what has been the main source of inspiration. Here are two examples: Cafe di Espresso in Hiroshima steals both colour and font from Starbucks. Excelsior, which is all over Japan, goes for the same font, but mix in some blue. Then again, they have a logotype which is direct variation of Starbucks. Other examples, not in the pictures are Becks Coffee, same font but in red and Caffé Veloce that also have a round Starbucks type of logo. I saw a local joint in Okayama that also had such a logo

The coffee as such? You need to check that they have a real machine (which Excelsior always seemed to have), but the cappuccino was usually OK. I didn't have the guts to try the espresso, though.