Yokohama and Odaiba

I started my last whole day in Japan, by taking the train out to Yokohama which is more than just a suburb to Tokyo: it's the second biggest city in Japan. My guidebook was fairly enthusiastic, but I will have to admit that I was not that exited. To be fair, this may in part be due to that this was a rainy day. I didn't really find enough in Yokohama to stay the entire day, but went back into to Tokyo, to explore Odaiba, an island on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. Odaiba has a lot of modern architecture with plenty of open spaces in between, and to make it a little more futuristic, the main means of transport is a monorail.

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1. Minato Mirai 21

2. Bridge

3. Nippon-maru

4. Connected Towers

5. Landmark Tower

6. Landmark Plaza

7. Outlook Landmark Tower

8. Outlook II

9. Outlook III

10. Heart

11. Motomachi

12. Park

13. Motorway above a River

14. Chinatown

15. Kantei-byo I

16. Kantei-byo II

17. Kantei-byo III

18. Other Chinese Temple

19. Tokyo Big Sight

20. Plantation

21. Saw

22. Hotel and Church

23. Wedding Village

24. Footbridge

25. Bridges and High Houses

26. Next Footbridge

27. Venus Fort

28. Nice Cars

29. Mazda Carol

30. Toyota Corona ST10

31. Painting

32. Ferris-wheel

33. Commuter Crowd

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